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Vixid’s revolutionary video mixer for VJs, Video Producers, Live Performance and other Video-centric Artists

The Public in West Bromwich -UK- have commissioned an exciting young British artist to produce a participatory installation for the ground floor of the gallery.

Naren Wilks is a Bristol based artist using the mediums of photography, film/video, and installation. His artwork has largely been concerned with using in-camera techniques to create people and places that do not actually exist, being interested in exploring the ‘un-real.’ He shuns the hyper-real effects of CGI animation and chooses instead to work with a low-fi, security camera aesthetic. Through this selection of mechanics over technology, the resulting effect actually seems far more real.

His installation, Collide-o-scope, is based on his short experimental video piece of the same name. The video combined the aesthetics of the silent comedy era with the latest in digital manipulation technology to create a playful and engaging spectacle. As visitors enter the specially constructed white room, multiple versions of themselves are replicated and made visible on the LCD screen. The fun and engaging piece of artwork, creates and exploits illusions in a unique and playful manner.

YouTube Preview Image

Without unveiling all the details, the installation is based on 4 live cameras and takes advantage of the real-time blending capabilities of the VJX16-4 video mixer, allowing to combine the 4 videos in real-time. The resulting video is made visible on two LCD screens, one mounted inside the room (for participants to view), and one outside the room (for non-participants to view).

In March a number of regionally based artists and performers will use the installation as a space to develop new work. The video above shows Bharatanatyam dancer, Devika Rao, performing in Collide-o-scope.

The installation is visible on the ground floor of The Public from 2 Feb to 31 Aug 2011 (Daily), and is free to visit. During the same period, you can also visit Screening 2011, an open exhibition for artists working in Film and Video, and Touch Interactive, the UK’s first open exhibition for interactive artists.

The Public welcomes and supports young and emerging artists and provides them the opportunity to develop their practice, so make sure to check their website.

Brussels’s VJ collective Requiem4TV were commissioned to create a video installation for the VIP space of the Ethias Trophy.

The setup included 12 cameras and 4 DVD players, while the images were projected by 4 beamers; everything being connected to the VJX16-4 video mixer.

requiem4tv's setup overview

The installation needed to work automatically, without any operator, so Juego took advantage of the MIDI capabilities of the mixer. He wrote Processing sketch to automatically control the mixer: inputs selection, outputs routing, mixing, etc…

The story could have ended here, but Juego decided to go one step forward: he took some time to pack his development into a processing library, to document it, and to share with all Vixid users (lucky guys!)! While the library is still in alpha stage, it is a very good starting point to integrate your VJX16-4 into your processing projects.

Juego published information about the installation here, and the library can be found here.

This is very cool to see people share their work (thanks guys!). If you use the library and add functionalities to this first step, get in touch with Juego to see how they could be integrated in a future release.

We already talked about YroYto and his work at “Les pixels transversaux” or the Visionsonic AV festival. Yro has a new project with Transforma called Asynthome, an Audio-Visual live performance inviting “the audience into its very own creation process”.

The video setup involves live camera feeds and a VJX16-4 video mixer controlled from MIDI from Ableton Live. For this performance, Yro developed some ‘Max for Live’ objects so the MIDI control for the VJX16-4 integrates nicely into Live. The good news is that these guys were enough to share one of them with us: the module controlling the color effects (RGB Balance and Offset, and the Brightness-Contrast -Saturation) and the Crop.

Here is how it looks like in Ableton Live:


The module can be downloaded here.

The performance will be presented during the Nemo Festival in Paris the 9th April. Watch their video teaser:

Thank you guys!

After a sold-out tour in France, the USA and Germany in 2009, Wax Tailor continues his tour “In the mood for live”, and will hit Europe (France, Spain, Italia, the UK), and Asia (Japan, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Indonesia).

If you’d like see a very pleasant show, and catch a performance being run through a VJX16-4, check its tour agenda. The show features musicians, a great stage and lights design, and includes live video… definitely a good job from an independant musician.

For an overview, check some photos of the show.

Check the trailer for the 2010 tour:

Here is a short report shot in Paris:

Next gigs are :

01/04/10    La Carrière (+ Support A.S.M)     Nantes, France
02/04/10    Festival Panoramas     Morlaix, France
03/04/10    Festival Garorock     Marmande, France
09/04/10    Triangle Club – Solo Set (+Dj Krush)    Osaka, Japon
10/04/10    Eleven Club – Solo Set (+Dj Krush)    Tokyo, Japon
14/04/10    Printemps De Bourges     Bourges, France
16/04/10    Zenith (+ Archive)     Lille, France
17/04/10    Zenith (+ Archive)     Strasbourg, France
20/10/04    Circolo Degli Artisti    Rome, Italia
06/05/10    La Nef (+ Support A.S.M)     Angouleme, France
07/05/10    La Gespe (+ Support A.S.M)     Tarbes, France
08/05/10    Sala Caracol (+ Support A.S.M)     Madrid, Spain
11/05/10    Krakatoa (+ Support A.S.M)     Bordeaux, France
12/05/10    Espace Cosmao Dumanoir (+ Support A.S.M)     Lorient, France
14/05/10    Festival L’Herbe En Zic     Besançon, France
16/05/10    Centralny Basen Artystyczny    Warsaw, Poland
23/05/10    Brighton Fringe Festival    Brighton, UK
24/05/10    The Hare And Hound    Birmingham, UK
25/05/10    Metropolis    Bristol, UK
26/05/10    Stealth    Nottingham, UK
27/05/10    Electric Ballroom    London, UK
05/06/10    Tbd    Hong Kong
11/06/10    Tbd    Bangkok, Thailand
12/06/10    Tbd    Jakarta, Indonesia
13/06/10    Tbd    Surabaya, Indonesia
25/06/10    Solidays     Paris, France
26/06/10    Festiv’Etés     Moutiers Sous Chantemerle, France
27/06/10    Couleur Café    Bruxelles, Belgium
01/07/10    Ferstival International Jazz Montreal    Montreal, Canada
14/07/10    Montreux Jazz Festival    Montreux, Switzerland
15/07/10    Dour Festival    Dour, France
16/07/10    Francofolies (+ Phoenix)     La Rochelle, France
18/07/10    Festival Musical     Aix Les Bains, France
21/07/10    Arènes De Nimes (+ Jamiroquai)     Nimes, France
24/07/10    Les Voix Du Gaou     Six Fours, France
08/08/10    Big Chill Festival    Ledbury, UK

A couple of weeks ago I produced a music video, using multiple Vixid feedback loops to turn live footage into an explosion of light and colour.

I’ve posted about the project on CreateDigitalMotion, but I thought it might be worth showing the “Director’s Cut” here, as it gives a more detailed look into how the VJX can be used to control and build feedback loops.

Edward Guglielmino – Settle Down With Me (Director’s Cut) from Jaymis on Vimeo.

The “trick” here was using a Kaoss Pad Entrancer as a delay on one of the feedback loops, which softens the camera feedback and helps it to morph and develop, without turning into a strobing nightmare. There’s a couple of points with no Entrancer delay, notably during the guitar solo around 2:00 in the video.

If you don’t have an Entrancer, you could build a similar delay effect by routing an input through a video capture card and some VJ software effects.

Vixid User Group

Exciting news for VJX users. You may have noticed the posting frequency dip a little over the past few months. We’ve been working hard on getting Noisepages to a public release stage, as a platform for artists to write, share, and collaborate.

In collaboration with the Vixid crew, we’ve started a Vixid User Group on Noisepages.

We hope that this will be a place to share techniques, work on creating programs and tools to extend your VJX, and to learn and develop together.

So please join us! Sign up for a Noisepages account, and then join the Vixid User Group!

As a followup to the stills from Pastorale, Vixid have been able to film and release some footage from a performance of the show!

Opera Pastorale – Gérard Pesson – Video scenography by Pierrick Sorin from VIXID on Vimeo.

This really does have all of the good stuff. Live chromakeying, compositing of virtual sets, miniatures and models, puppetry, multi-camera rigs, and most importantly, multi-Vixid control!

Yes, the 5 VJXs used in this performance were all controlled via a single computer, using some modules for Isadora designed by Vixid.

We may not all have 5 Vixid mixers available to us, but soon we will have this control system, as the Vixid team will be releasing it for free! Head code honcho Vince is currently on holiday, as I have been for the past month, but when he returns we will be breathing fresh life in to Vixid.noisepages, with new tool releases, new posts, and a Vixid user group hosted right here on Noisepages!

Stay tuned.


An exciting sight, to be sure! Following on from the Stuff Happens theatre projection, the Vixid team have supplied 5 VJXs and assisted Perrick Sorin in his stage design and video scenography for the opera Pastorale.

We’ll have some more technical details on the setup for Pastorale soon, but in the meantime, the photo set on Flickr is fascinating.

Perrick Sorin’s work on live theatre is mesmerizing. His previous work on La Pietra Del Paragone utilized live chromakeying to incredible effect:

Rossini, La Pietra del Paragone – DVD
by naivepromo

These illusions are truly wonderful. Video operator Eric Perroys has some additional clips (including the fantastic cooking scene) and technical information on his site.
6 6000 lumen projectors.
32 input/output matrix switcher.
16 single CCD cameras.
5 triple CCD cameras.
3 Ultimatte chromakeyers.
27 video monitors.
1.3Km of coax cable.
700m of S-Video cable.

That’s right. No VJX on that project! We’re happy to talk about how some projects use different gear.

(… and next week we can talk about how the VJX does it all much better)

Fresh news from the Vixid team. The VJX is currently being used in an innovative setup for the French production of Stuff Happens, the political play by David Hare.

The VJX is combined with a reflective keying rig, to key the actors in to backgrounds and title overlays to reproduce the look of news broadcasts and events depicted within the play.

There’s some beautiful combinations of virtual floor sets, multi-screen outputs, live camera and live keying, some of which are showcased at the beginning of this production video:

Stuff happens 2/2
by sangneuf2nanterre

Also production stills in the Vixid Flickr photostream:

For one of the final Game On performances, Melbourne spiky-pop band Flamingo Crash rocked up, and rocked out to a Vixid + Live Cameras setup.

After the gig, they liked the footage so much that they asked me to remix the live performance recording as a video for one of the studio tracks on the album: Sister Sister.

Flamingo Crash – Sister Sister from Jaymis on Vimeo.

The vision mixes live security camera feeds with visuals created live by VJ Simulcast with a Tagtool.

I should be clear that the quality of the camera feeds on these videos I’ve been posting is an aesthetic choice. I’m using these cameras specifically because of the lofi look they give. Of course the VJX has an extremely high quality output. If you’re using great quality sources – good cameras, DVDs or computer outputs – it will still look fantastic.