Vixid VJX16-4 Video Mixer

Vixid’s revolutionary video mixer for VJs, Video Producers, Live Performance and other Video-centric Artists

After the Herovision Launch party I was lucky enough to put on a performance with the immensely talented Cowper.

This show was very different from the “usual” VJ gig. Just a guy with a guitar, and an intimate audience meant that the video should be subtle and supportive, the technology hidden. Using tiny security cameras allowed me to set up a shoot which was invisible until the performance started, and the combination of a Kaoss Pad Entrancer and VJX16-4′s routing and blend modes allowed for some subtle, live manipulations of camera feeds.

Cowper – Berlin Four Two (Live) from Jaymis on Vimeo.

A “Preview” output is used to create an “Effects send” to the entrancer, which is then brought back to its own layer on the VJX. The main effect used for this track combines the Entrancer’s “video scratch” effect, with VJX RGB tweaks and blend modes (although I forget which blend modes were used). At 2:00 the Entrancer is switched to “Time Blur”, giving a dreamy look.

After all the multi-screen, rock-out excitement of Herovision, it was great to be able to take things back to basics, and use the VJX as an artistic tool again.

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  1. david

    very cool.. !
    I like it , mais il manque l’accompagement, la batterie…

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