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An exciting sight, to be sure! Following on from the Stuff Happens theatre projection, the Vixid team have supplied 5 VJXs and assisted Perrick Sorin in his stage design and video scenography for the opera Pastorale.

We’ll have some more technical details on the setup for Pastorale soon, but in the meantime, the photo set on Flickr is fascinating.

Perrick Sorin’s work on live theatre is mesmerizing. His previous work on La Pietra Del Paragone utilized live chromakeying to incredible effect:

Rossini, La Pietra del Paragone – DVD
by naivepromo

These illusions are truly wonderful. Video operator Eric Perroys has some additional clips (including the fantastic cooking scene) and technical information on his site.
6 6000 lumen projectors.
32 input/output matrix switcher.
16 single CCD cameras.
5 triple CCD cameras.
3 Ultimatte chromakeyers.
27 video monitors.
1.3Km of coax cable.
700m of S-Video cable.

That’s right. No VJX on that project! We’re happy to talk about how some projects use different gear.

(… and next week we can talk about how the VJX does it all much better)

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