Vixid VJX16-4 Video Mixer

Vixid’s revolutionary video mixer for VJs, Video Producers, Live Performance and other Video-centric Artists

As a followup to the stills from Pastorale, Vixid have been able to film and release some footage from a performance of the show!

Opera Pastorale – GĂ©rard Pesson – Video scenography by Pierrick Sorin from VIXID on Vimeo.

This really does have all of the good stuff. Live chromakeying, compositing of virtual sets, miniatures and models, puppetry, multi-camera rigs, and most importantly, multi-Vixid control!

Yes, the 5 VJXs used in this performance were all controlled via a single computer, using some modules for Isadora designed by Vixid.

We may not all have 5 Vixid mixers available to us, but soon we will have this control system, as the Vixid team will be releasing it for free! Head code honcho Vince is currently on holiday, as I have been for the past month, but when he returns we will be breathing fresh life in to Vixid.noisepages, with new tool releases, new posts, and a Vixid user group hosted right here on Noisepages!

Stay tuned.

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